Friday, December 21, 2007


I did a night mtb ride last night in town and felt bad. I felt sore the whole time and was dry heaving a little when I tryed to push the climbs. I figured I was just tiresd and drank too much coffee during the day.(The bike shop doesn't heat well, so i drink hot coffee all day long to warm the insides) I think I found the reason this morning after I woke up achy, sore, and with a headache. I immediately ran to the bathroom and lost some of my dinner fromthe night before.

Well Mark R and myself were planning a big mtb ride this weekend if the weather held for us, but I may have to skip even if the weather isn't nasty. Everyone says it only takes 48hrs to get over the flu, so I should be able to enjoy the holiday trip to South Carolina. Hopefully it will be sunny and nice down there to ride at Issaquena, Paris Mtn, and the FATS trails

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Superhero Traction

Woke up this morning to 18 degree temps and want to complain about the cold weather but with subfreezing nights comes something a little sweet. Enter Superhero Traction. The singletrack freezes and gets that tackiness and crunchiness somewhere between crusty shag carpet and that sweet top layer of creme brulee. I have heard this affectionately called Superhero Traction from others. You'll know you have perfect conditions for this phenomenon when you come flying into a crunchy corner and somehow pin it when at speeds that should not be possible (at lest not possible for my skill level). That sting on your face may be the cold air slapping the only part of your body uncovered and unprotected or it might also be the smile on your face after experiencing Superhero Traction. Ride on!!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Yesterday I had RSVP'd to ride over the mountain with a group at the Tevan'trails but figured it was going to be a real mudfest. I also didn't want to risk driving over the mtn to C'ville and find that everyone else had thought to also not ride, so I bailed on the ride. I got an email later that the ride did happen as planned even with the wetness. The C'ville guys are having a winter training series ( and this ride was a big points ride so I guess everyone needed the points for the series and rode to try to get the win.

I ended up heading west in stead and without a bike. I took the four legged friends and we hiked up to Elliots knob. It was a really cool hike. The storm that came through iced the heck out of the mountain. The higher I climbed the more ice there was on the trees and to top that off the wind was blowing like something feirce. It was an exciting hike because each time the wind blew I had to turn away from the wind to protect my face from the pelting ice coming off of trees. Also twice large tree limbs fell quite close to me and the pups.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

CX Finals.. Ouch

You know that old saying that pain is temporary and glory is permanent or something else along those lines. Well, yeah I did the VA State CX Series Final race this past Sunday and felt a lot of temporary pain, and didn't get much glory along with it. I take that back I had fun and that is all the glory I need. I raced the "C" class and felt that I ended up fairly respectable in 12th out of 22ish or so, but man did it hurt.

I was off the start in the top 5ish I believe and after only a lap and a half felt like I didn't have any power in my legs. The "C" class race is only 30minutes so I tryed to fight to stay where I was, but people started passing me pretty fast and before I knew it there wasn't anyone behind me. That was when I realized OMG I am in a lot of pain. Well long story short is that I should have probably ate a little more that morning and tipped back the Rouge Dead Guy Ale a little less the night before.

I have to give big props to the others from Staunton. Mr. Russell had a strong finish in the 35+ group ending the series in second place. Billy also finished really strong and ended the series in the 45+ group in 4th place. Young gun Patrick McKeegen blew away the juniors in the series and also placed third in the C class series. The top points man and woman walked away with a beautiful Alan Cyclocross frame and the man happened to be Staunton's own Patrick Mckeegen. Cheers!! Patrick on a job well done.

Yeah it hurt really bad, but I'll be back out on the cyclocross bike again.
Here we go. This is my first attempt at blogging. If this thing ever gets boring or if I start getting crickets chirping everyone out there be sure to heckle me a little.

As you can tell from the title I like bikes. Riding bikes, fixing bikes, and selling bikes. I am the sole conspiritor at Black Dog Bikes in downtown or "downton" Staunton, VA. Hopefully the creative juices will now begin to flow..........