Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Man, it has been a while since I updated this thing. A lot has happened since the last post. It has been quite busy in the shop and now that the cooler weather is rolling in I should have a little time to search the web for funny you tube videos, great mountain bikes crashes, and finally look at all the bling pics from another interbike that I missed.


MHP(Montgomery Hall Park) now has a new piece of primo singletrack right here in the city limits. It is short but is muy fun.

We had another great Fall Foliage Bike Fest last weekend with 550 attendees this year. Black Dog Bikes was slammed Friday and Saturday with people taking advantage of our fall clothing sale since the weather turned chilly Friday and Saturday morning.

CX in Staunton.... Staunton's edition of the Blue Ridge Cup CX race was yesturday on a course designed by me and Mark R. We had well over 20 riders and plenty of spectators to cheers on the racers. Fun day for sure!

Heading out to the Tidewater Challenge this weekend in Williamsburg for the 6hr race. We'll see if I can still keep moving for 6hrs. I feel as if my fitness has dropped considferable after the SM100 in September as I was hit with on sickness after another. I am feeling a little back on Par, so we'll see how six hrs on my bike fgeels this weekend.

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