Monday, July 14, 2008


I've been heckled enough here lately about not updating my blog that Figured I should tell the blogospere about the eventful ride of yesterday. Sorry for the lag of postings to everyone that reads my blog. It has been quite busy here here in the shop with plenty of bikes to wrench and etc.

Yesterday Jon Sellers, Keith F., Vermonty Matt, and myself rode up Mills Creek trail up the switchbacks and down the Slacks trail, down White Rock Gap to Sherando and then back out to coal road where our cars were waiting.

Heading into the woods the temp was great, the skys were clear, and we were all ready for a great epic ride.......

Heading up Mills Creek Trail there is a section of trail that is enclosed by some small ornamental looking trees for around 200 yrds forming a really nice tunnel effect.I rode by a manmade looking pile of sticks in the trail and then a stick stuck up in the dirt with a Mountain Dew Bottle on top of it. "What the hell is that about" I rode up and under a low lieing branch with a lot of foliage on it and then all of the sudden felt a sharp pain in my arm and back........!!!!!!!!!!!.....I was confused and hadn't fully understood what was going on until I looked back at Jon S. who was running up the trail screaming as he stripped his clothes off and had a full buzz of wasp hitting him hard. By that point Vermonty Matt and Keith had already been hit hard by the wasp.

After quite a bit of screaming and flailing we had regained some composure and realized that their was a huge wasp nest int he branch laying across the trail that was right at shoulder level when on your bike. Jon, Matt, and Keith didn't have a chance after I realized that I had pissed them off by hitting their nest and those guys rode full tilt into the fury of pissed of wasps.

Ouch and now itchy, but I only got four stings. I think Matt and Jon got a whole lot more.

One for history. Pay attention to piles of sticks and other warnings that people have put down to try to warn others.


MRussell said...

ouch, that sucks.

I got stung by something yesterday as well. But it wasn't nearly as bad as a wasp.

Mr. Burris said...

I posted a story and one other thing. Read it.