Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I have definitely been quite slack when it comes to updating the blog here, but here it goes as to what’s been going on.

The past few weekends the crew here in Staunton has been working in Montgomery Hall Park adding some primo single-track to the parks growing quiver of trails. We have had great turnout on each workday and have already cleared and raked a little less than a mile of trails that have some nice straights, open corners, a few log hops, and some nice rock features. The newest trail will be a little more open and less demanding than the old-new trail a.k.a. Scout Trail or Pretzel trail. Some sections of it need some benching, but it shouldn’t be long before it connects to something.

I got my self and Miss Lindsay snowboards and all the accoutrements for festivas this year and a set of season passes to Wintergreen. TNF Jon went with me a few days before x-mas to show me the ropes and to help me get my feet wet a little and as Lindsay was already home in Pittsburgh she missed out on the first few days of “Riding”. Well I had a great time with Jon and decided to go back to W’green the day before X-mas eve by myself. Long story short I do not know yet how to get through heavy ice and fell and landed on my right shoulder. A quick trip to AMC’s ER and I now have a AC separation. Well I guess that’s better than a dislocation or a broken collar bone.

A week in a sling, and a week taking it easy and I already have all of my range of motion back in my shoulder but it feels weak and still screams with pain when I put weight on it in certain positions. I guess I can’t complain to much as Mark R. has separated his twice and also broken a collar bone before. I been back to W’green this week and ridden on my MTB on the road this week, but taking it very easy and trying not to fall on my right side. A little while longer and I’ll be back to riding and “riding” the Gnar Gnar.

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